Friday, August 3, 2012

Short Story

 "I wish to glaze into thine eyes
And ponder thoughts I have not realize.
To seek what purpose dost thou serve my life
Keeps me wake and drives my sanity to strive."
-by Amelie De Vera

( poem excerpt written by the main character)

(Supporting Characters)
Chloe Alcantara- a student who fell in love with her professor in Chemistry, committed suicide because of devastation from failing to the subject that affected her entire studies while developing emotional-intimate attachment to her professor.

Dr. Norman V. Castillejo, PhD- a Chemistry professor who happened to be the love interest of Chloe, proposed to have an intimate relationship with her out of fondness from the student's timid personality and amusement of her charms. Also committed suicide by overdozing himself because of guilt that resulted from their affair and at the same time, Chloe's death.

(Main Characters)
Amelie De Vera- transfer student from a private institute, who at first impression, was full of dispute of how the professor expresses himself and his arrogant approach that she misinterpret, later turned into admiration due to the gentle and kind gestures every time they would see each other in class.

Dr. Luke Valderama, EdD- a doctor-professor in Sociology and Anthropology who, was mesmerized by the oozing aura of Amelie, began bridging communication with her through eye-contact and private conversations.

The story took place in a setting of training ground for future professionals- A University.

                It happened in a modern day phenomena of forbidden affair that has a related past which appeared to be a "curse", just broken because of accepting and letting go, coping up and moving on process. Successfully, Amelie have moved on and was able to fulfill her goals while her lover, Dr. Luke, also moved on, but later changed into a different person.. Literally. How and what happened? Find out soon....